U.S. Open Brawl: Loud Murray Hill Man Versus Angry Long Island Woman


Yesterday, at the U.S. Open's Novak Djokovic-Philipp Petzschner match, a strange spat between a young man and an older woman with her father was caught on camera. So what went so wrong in the stands that it drove a Long Island woman to slap a Murray Hill twentysomething? The Post reports that Joseph Pedeville was being loud, the way only people at sporting events with money on the line can be, and when Tracey Falco, 49, told him to can it, he shot back, "I don't give a fuck what anyone wants! I got a lot of money on the game!" Apparently she then slapped him, and when Pedeville laughed off the slap and called her "a fucking idiot," Falco's father, Lawrence Burnett, a 75 year-old stroke victim, became so indignant that he smacked the beer out of Pedeville's hands. Little did Lawrence Burnett know, however, that he was messing with a former high school wrestler, who "chucked the geezer down two rows of seats," according to the Post. The three of 'em have now been banned from tennis matches for two whole years, though no criminal charges have been filed.

Even though Pedeville is now twenty-seven years old with a live-in girlfriend, the Post checked in with his former high school classmates, who say this doesn't even surprise them.

"That was the kind of guy he was - he does have a history of a temper," said [a former high school pal] who asked not to be identified by name. "I'm sure he was dropping f-bombs."

People never change!

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