The BP Oil Well Is Now ‘Physically Incapable of Leaking Another Drop’


Today, Coast Guard Thad Allen said the BP oil well that spilled crude last summer is now “physically incapable of leaking another drop.” Still, to be extra safe, BP is going to put more cement inside it, an operation called “bottom kill.” BP CEO Tony Hayward, now banished to Russia, officially steps down October 1. So, now that this is actually (maybe) over, did all the other issues you had while watching this event, during a seemingly rough summer, resolve themselves?

For BP, the waters are still rocky, with stocks down nearly 40 percent from their pre-spill value, “peanut-butter-thick oil rising to the surface” of the sea, and continued legal issues (“BP’s lawyers could argue that part of the blame lies in the cementing job done by contractor Halliburton, which was supposed to plug those pipes at the bottom.”). So if this is the story you followed most closely all summer, horrified, and now it’s allegedly physically incapable of rearing its head again, thankfully, how did everything else from last summer pan out? Let it out in the comments, if you’d like, or just think about it, so long as it did so with less reputation damage and dead fish than BP is left with.

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