The Coming Celebrity Uprising


Last week in Miami,Adam Lambert attacked a paparazzo for trying to take his picture without makeup. On Friday, David Beckham went after a fan who taunted him about his supposed dalliances with hookers. “Do you want to say it again?” he said menacingly as he advanced toward him, shirtless and snarling. “Do you want to say it again?” No, the fan did not. Were these just routine celebrity freak-outs, the kind that inevitably occur when people have everything from their thighs to their relationships dissected in the public sphere? Or is it a sign of something bigger? A report today suggests the latter.

Clearly, the celebrities are organizing. But why? What do they want? It can’t be no attention.

Lifestyles of the rich and packin’: High-profile celebrities seeking gun permits on the rise [NYDN]