This Is What You Should Do If You Find Your Doorman Trying on Your Lingerie


Kelly Dooley, 28, owns a trendy lingerie line and is used to seeing people try on her stuff. But even she was shocked when she came home to find one of the porters in her building, Hector Solano, giving an outfit a test run. Dooley walked into her Murray Hill apartment last Friday to find Solano, a seemingly macho man from the Bronx, huddled over a “black nylon thong bodysuit.” Inside her apartment. “I opened the [bathroom] door, and Hector is crouching down with his boxer-briefs on and a white Hanes crewneck shirt, and he’s pulling up his cargo shorts,” said Dooley, displaying the kind of sartorial attention to detail that is the hallmark of all clothing entrepreneurs. “He said he likes to wear women’s clothes.” Solano begged Dooley “not to tell,” but she thought the incident was to insane to keep a secret. So, naturally, she called the Post. “He’s a complete sissy,” she told the tabloid.

Oh, now come on. Is that really necessary? The man is caught huddling in his (budget) underwear over a set of women’s clothing, and we need to call him a sissy? Isn’t just calling the Post, and letting their headline writers run with the story enough?