Times Square Included in Proposed Smoking Ban


Who are the only people in New York City who hate the indoor-smoking ban more than smokers who live here? Smokers from places where it’s still legal! And where do all those European tourists hang out? (Other than West Broadway in Soho, we mean.) Times Square! Which means that they are going to be directly affected by Mayor Bloomberg’s latest decree: that the pedestrian malls at the crossroads of the world will be included in an upcoming smoking ban that will cover the city’s beaches, parks, and boardwalks. (Because, you know, with all the traffic and industry in Times Square, the cigarette smoking is what’s ruining the air.) The police will expect locals and tourists alike to obey the ban, and will hand out fines of up to $250 for violating it. And you thought being a beat cop in Times Square couldn’t get more fun.

Another kick in the ash: Mayor Bloomberg to ban smoking in Times Square, city beaches [NYP]