Times to Unveil a ‘Social News Service’ by End of 2010


The New York Times is gettin’ hip! The paper is teaming up with “technology incubator” Betaworks to develop a personalized “social news service” that will go by the name News.me. They’ve been working on the venture for six months, and it is expected to launch by the end of 2010 as an iPad application (“a Web version may be introduced at some point”). Google and the Los Angeles Times have customized news sites out there, but the Times’ reputation will likely make the service a force immediately, Mashable notes. Betaworks CEO John Borthwick expressed enthusiasm (albeit fairly vaguely) about the project: “We’re building something wonderful and amazing in the social news space,” he said. Meanwhile, if you’ve always wondered what a Times-ian take on a honeycomb would look like, today is your lucky day.

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