Tina Brown: ‘Young Journalists Should Go Work in India’


In the garden at Barbetta restaurant last night, Tina Brown and Miles Nadal toasted former congressman and almost–almost–New York senator Harold Ford Jr. on his new book, More Davids Than Goliaths: A Political Education. Brown (who told us that she is “really happy” with her gig editing the Daily Beast and “can’t see” herself leaving that to take over Newsweek as rumored) gave us some advice for aspiring journos like her. “Young journalists [should] go work in India,” she said. “There are so many great newspapers in India. I go quite a lot, actually. It has a very vibrant newspaper and magazine culture. There’s a lot of energy in Delhi, a lot of newsmagazines. It’s a very literary culture, it’s great.” What if we’re staying put, though? “It’s a transitional moment for journalists but it’s much better, as a journalist, to be young than it is to be 50,” she said. “So just wait it out and it’ll get good again. I think there’s a lot of very good talent coming up, I just worry for them because they have to get the experience. They have to be trained.”