TMZ: Rachel Uchitel Picks Up $2 Million Park Avenue Pad


Well, the difference between Rachel Uchitel and all the other hordes of women who were reported to be sleeping with the then-married Tiger Woods becomes clearer and clearer every day. What a difference a big mouth makes! While Jaimee Grubbs and Jamie Jungers are left to host ladies’ nights at B-level clubs in Cincinnati and degrade themselves for Howard Stern, Uchitel is starring in a popular (if humiliating) reality show and moving on with her life. The latest news out of TMZ, which has always insisted that Uchitel got $10 million from Tiger Woods for her silence, is that Uchitel has plunked down $2 million for an apartment on Park Avenue. Let’s go out on a limb and assume, for a second, that it’s not 740 Park, and instead it’s someplace with a more lax co-op policy. Somewhere on Park Avenue South, say. Over Haru or Sushi Samba, say. Still! A $2 million three-bedroom — not bad!

You know why she needs a three-bedroom? “It would be the perfect place to start a family.”

Rachel Uchitel Buys $2 Million Pad on Park Ave. [TMZ]