Tom Tancredo Really Is Not a Smart Person


Colorado’s Tom Tancredo, currently ruining the GOP’s hopes of winning the governor’s race by splitting the conservative vote with his hopeless third-party candidacy, tells Talking Points Memo, “There is something about this [country] that [Obama] dislikes intensely.” For example? “I remember a little thing, like Ms. Obama saying she didn’t want any Christian artifacts in the White House during Christmas time.” Yeah, remember that? Remember how the Obamas scrubbed the White House of all signs of Christmas, because they hate Christmas? When you go into the White House during Christmastime, you wouldn’t even know it was Christmas, because of Michelle Obama.

Right? It’s like, what month is it? March? Who knows?

Tancredo: First Lady Wanted To Ban Christmas Artifacts At The White House [TPM DC]