Trapped Chilean Miners Are Watching the Wrong Movies


Life really doesn't seem all that bad for the 33 Chilean miners who continue to await rescue from their subterranean man fort. "They get laundry service, TV, three hot meals a day and even ice cream for dessert," the AP reports. They're also watching plenty of movies and TV, although the content is carefully screened by the psychologists overseeing the delicate mental and emotional well-being of the miners.

[W]hen the miners do get moments to relax, they can watch television — 13 hours a day, mostly news programs and action movies or comedies, whatever is available that the support team decides won't be depressing. They've seen "Troy" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" with Brad Pitt and Jim Carrey's "The Mask."

Because there's nothing depressing about a man whose freakish disease estranges him from everyone he loves, until he ultimately grows into a baby with dementia and dies.

Chile: trapped miners get Brad Pitt, censored news [AP via Yahoo]