Obama Flirting With Bloomberg Behind Geithner’s Back?


Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is like the Angelina Jolie to President Obama’s Brad Pitt. So unpopular is he, every time the president is seen with another economically savvy individual, people start to get excited that the pair might finally be breaking up. So it follows that, after Mayor Bloomberg told reporters that he and Obama spent much of their intimate golf session in Martha’s Vineyard last week discussing the economy, “Page Six” says they’re hearing “whispers” that the president asked the mayor about taking over as Treasury secretary. “It’s been the focus of a lot of discussion,” one Democrat, who may or may not be the mayor’s hairstylist, told the Post. “He’s very well-liked and well-respected on Wall Street.” Unlike some people. Poor Tim Geithner. Rumors of this sort must be hard on him. Though we also feel a twinge of pity for Bloomberg, who likely has no intention of leaving his hard-won third term, but will nonetheless have to suck in his paunch over the next few weeks, lest he be accused of having a baby bump.

Update: Tim must be very upset indeed, for White House spokesman Bill Burton just called Daily Intel to deny that the president has approached Mayor Bloomberg about a role at the Treasury.

White House flirts with Mayor Bloomberg [Page Six/NYP]