Those Tornadoes That Hit Brooklyn and Queens Were Tornadoes, After All


When Brooklyn residents said they experienced “a fucking tornado” on Thursday, they were right, says the National Weather Service today, three days after the average Park Slope dweller figured it out while walking through broken windows and fallen trees. Last week’s brief but destructive storm spawned two tornadoes, in fact, meteorologists explained. The first twister, rated at a slightly embarrassing EF0, or “the weakest on the Enhanced Fujita Scale,” passed through Park Slope, while the second more powerful twister tore through parts of Flushing, Bayside and Forest Hills, Queens. There was even a momentary “macroburst” in Queens, with winds briefly racing up to 125 miles per hour! As of last night, Con Ed still had 15,621 customers without power.

Thursday storm’s killer gusts hit devastating 125 mph; tornadoes confirmed [NYP]

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