U.S. Soldier Describes Killing Afghan Civilians on His Sergeant’s Orders


Specialist Jeremy Morlock is scheduled to appear before a judge today in the trial of five soldiers accused of premeditated killings of Afghan civilians. In conjunction with the trial, ABC News showed tapes today of Morlock describing his role in a plan that he says was organized by his sergeant, Calvin Gibbs. Morlock’s confession is similar to the story of another soldier from the unit, specialist Adam Winfield, whose father got word of Gibbs’s pattern of unchecked violence toward civilians and threatening officers who stood in his way. When Winfield’s father tried to bring the problem to the Army’s attention, he was told his son should wait until after he came home. Morlock describes Gibbs on the tape, saying, “He pulled out one of his grenades. American grenade. You know, popped it, throws the grenade, and then tells me and Winfield, all right dude, you know, whack this guy. You know, kill this guy, kill this guy.” Gibbs idea was to use the grenade fire as an excuse to shoot. Morlock added, ““If Gibbs knew that I was sitting here in front of this camera right now, there’s no doubt in my mind that he would f—, he’d take me out if he had to.”

U.S. Soldier Describes Shooting Afghan Civilians on Tapes That his Lawyer Contests [ProPublica]
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