Video: The Brawl at the U.S. Open


There are several bizarre things about this video of a fight that broke out last night during the U.S. Open match between Novak Djokovic and Philipp Petzschner, when a cocky (drunk?)-seeming young dude faces off with an older woman and her senior-citizen father:

1) After exchanging angry words and gestures and getting slapped in the face by the woman, the young man seems to actually sit down and get over it.
2) Then, when the father comes in to try to address (strangle?) the guy, our worst stadium nightmare occurs: He falls face down over the seats below him. Seriously, we’ve imagined this happening to us hundreds of times. And if we’re in the nosebleed seats at MSG, we imagine that such a fall will end with us rolling off the balcony to our death in the laps of people with much more expensive seats.
3) Tennis fans sitting in nearby seats actually got up (eventually) to stop the brawl. We would have never predicted this.
4) Oh, yeah. And did we mention a fight broke out at the U.S. Open?