Vindication! This Was the Hottest Summer Ever in New York City After All


Remember when, in the last days of July, the weather briefly cooled and we missed the record for hottest July in history? We’d been on track to beat it, but in the end July 2010 just wasn’t as sweltering as July 1999. It was weirdly frustrating: If we’d suffered through all that, at least we should be able to know we’ve lived through history, right? You know, so we could tell our kids one day, “You think the hole in the atmosphere is ruining your skin? You didn’t live through summer 2010.” Well, today we get redemption. After yesterday’s brutal heat, the Times reports that the summer of 2010 was the hottest summer in New York City ever. Yaaaay! Imagine balloons and confetti falling on you! You made it through! And you made history at the same time! Let’s go get some cupcakes!

Just be careful with the frosting. It might melt in today’s 95 degree weather. Oh yeah, did we forget to say that? The heat wave is never going to end.

It Adds Up: This Was New York’s Hottest Summer [NYT]