What Makes New York Tap Water So Special? Tiny, Invisible Shrimp


New York City’s drinking water is a point of pride for natives. Never mind that in practice, depending on your building, it can come out of the tap with a tinny aftertaste or, at least at our last apartment, with a light sprinkling of unidentified white particles that settled and dissolved in about a minute. (Just blame the pipes.) Gizmodo has taken a microscopic look at our superlative drinking water’s real special sauce: copepods, a tiny crustacean invisible to the naked eye. It isn’t pretty, but it’s still clean. In fact, copepods are known to eat mosquito larvae, so think of it as the shrimpier of the two evils. Although kosher? Not so much.

You Swallow These Invisible Shrimp With Every Gulp of NYC Tap Water [Gizmodo]