Will Rapping Allen Mask ‘Have to Take a Furlough’ From Goldman Sachs?


Remember how a few months ago, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein issued an edict to employees at the firm, telling them not do anything flashy, or anything that would attract the attention of the populace/media whose thirst for Squid blood cannot be quenched? Today's question: Does rapping about your ballin' banker lifestyle count? If so, 22-year-old investment banker/hip-hop artist Allen Mask might find himself living the life of a full-time musician soon. CNBC lays it down:

Mask’s music is full of catchy lyrics and some of them are evocative of Wall Street life.“Wish I had a girl I would call her…and tell her throw away the Domino’s meet me at Delmonico’s. I’d wear the finest of designer clothes,” Mask sings in “Feedback” on his debut album Pilot Season.

Here's another:

“I’m just tryna let the world know hear me Wall Street I might have take a furlough cuz I-bank now on CJB fly me to CLT cuz she’s to me,” he sings in “All My Days” from his newest album Sweet Dreams.

Goldman Sachs spokesman Lucas Van Praag responded to our question about whether Mask's, well, unmasking, would affect his employment at the firm by saying, simply, "We love having talented people at the firm ... " (ellipses his). Interpret that as you may.

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