X-Prize Winner: 100-MPG Car That You Can Push With Two Fingers


The automotive X Prize is a $10 million competition for super-fuel-efficient automobiles, with an eye to mass production and appeal. This year, half the prize will go to Oliver Kuttner and the Edison2 team for their Very Light Car, so named because you can push the 840-pound, gas-powered four-seater with just a finger or two. The car gets over 100 miles-per-gallon, but riders and passengers have to climb in through the window. Maybe it’s just the side-entry, but this reminds us a little of the DeLorean, except that Kuttner’s experiment is more likely to yield reduced oil consumption than drug-trafficking charges, followed by a redemptive role in a Michael J. Fox franchise.

X Prize Marks Fuel-Efficiency Spot For Future Cars [NPR]