AIG CEO Robert Benmosche Will Make Cancer His Bitch


Let's get one thing straight: Nothing is going to stop AIG CEO Robert Benmosche from doing what he wants to do. He's not going to let those pansies in government push him around, not least that twerp Andrew Cuomo. If the chairman of the board of his own company disagrees with his decisions, then it's him who's going, not Benmosche. And as for the cancer he was just diagnosed with? He's not going to let that sideline him, either.

“The good news is that I feel fine, and I continue to work according to my normal schedule. As for my long-term prognosis — I will have a better idea over the next couple of months of what that will look like as I continue to undergo treatment and my doctors refine their diagnosis. All that said, I remain absolutely committed to my job, to AIG, and to all of our stakeholders,” Mr. Benmosche said.

Here's to hoping that Benmosche stuffs that cancer where he stuffed Snoopy.

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