Andrew Cuomo and Steve Rattner’s Lawyer Had a Really Tense Phone Call Last Summer


The Journal explains why Rattner, the New York power player and exiled fund manager who recently agreed to accept a multi-year ban from the securities industry and pay a $5 million fine to the SEC for his role in a pension-fund kickback scheme, has been unable to reach a deal with Cuomo:

Mr. Cuomo said he was troubled that Mr. Rattner's former firm only recently had given investigators certain emails relevant to the probe, long after his office first asked for documents. Mr. Cuomo also questioned whether, based on these emails, Mr. Rattner may not have been fully forthcoming in testimony under oath in 2008 before a grand jury, people familiar with the call said. It isn't clear how his lawyers responded at the time.

Details of the call leaked after Carl Paladino accused Cuomo of going easy on Rattner.

From Tense Call to Legal Standoff [WSJ]