NYU Doesn’t Want to Know Whether Drunk Bikers Were Also High


A study by NYU Medical Center found that biking while intoxicated was the second most likely reason for bikers to get hurt in an accident with an automobile. Of the 143 victims of bicycle accidents who were brought to the emergency room at Bellevue Hospital from December 2008 to December 2009, 76 percent weren’t wearing a helmet, 13 percent had consumed alcohol, and 5 percent had been listening to music. Researchers were “surprised” to note the prevalence of drinking-related accidents, acknowledging that they hadn’t asked about other substances the bikers might have consumed. “We’re not getting into the whole other issue that the [cyclists might have been] taking other substances we’re not looking for,” George Foltin, an associate professor at the NYU School of Medicine told the Post. If they do start looking, the results may “surprise” them.

Handle ‘bars’: Drunken bicyclists out of control [NYP]