Big Pharma Hires Bad Doctors: ‘Maybe I Am a Pervert, I Honestly Don’t Know’


Drug companies claim to hire the most reputable doctors in their fields to teach about the benefits and risks of using their products. But a ProPublica investigation uncovered hundreds of physicians being paid by pharmaceutical companies who had been accused of misconduct, lacked credentials, or were disciplined by state boards, like Dr. Donald Ray Taylor. The anesthesiologist was kicked out of a Georgia hospital for admitting to giving young female patients rectal and vaginal exams without documenting why and was accused of exposing patients’ breasts during an exam. According to the appellate court records, he told a hospital official, “Maybe I am a pervert, I honestly don’t know.” Honestly, Dr. Taylor, we think you probably have an inkling.

Docs on Pharma Payroll Have Blemished Records, Limited Credentials [ProPublica]