Bill O’Reilly Inspires Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar to Walk Off The View


On ABC’s The View this morning, Bill O’Reilly offered the ground-zero mosque as an example of the “widening gulf between the president” and patriots. O’Reilly said the developers had a right to create it, but invoked the 9/11 families to make a point. “A lot of the 9/11 families — who I know — say ‘Look, we don’t want that.’” When the discussion turned heated as the hosts objected, O’Reilly shushed Joy Behar, saying “Hold it, hold it. Listen to me, because you’ll learn.” What did O’Reilly have to teach Behar and the people of New York? Well, he wanted us to know about an imaginary poll saying 70 percent of Americans oppose the mosque. After much prodding from the ladies about why O’Reilly doesn’t believe Americans are smart enough to distinguish between freedom of religion and terrorist acts or why it doesn’t count that Americans, like Behar, disagree with him, O’Reilly reveals the real reason: “Because Muslims killed us on 9/11.” Whoopi: “Oh my GOD! That is such bullshit.” O’Reilly: “They didn’t kill us on 9/11, is that what you’re saying?” Whoopi tries to get out a point about extremists versus an entire religion, but when O’Reilly yells over her, the two ladies walk out. We know this happened on television, but we’re pretty sure Whoopi and Joy just won the Internet, with an honorable mention to Whoopi’s light-up heels.

O’Reilly Comments Lead to Walk Off at ‘The View’ [ArtsBeat/NYT]