Blogger Who Claims to Have Had ‘Physical Relationship’ With Woman Is Talking About Alleged Physical Relationship Again


The political world, and the world at large, was shocked five months ago when a prominent political blogger in South Carolina, Will Folks, claimed to have had a years-long “inappropriate physical relationship” with married Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley. A blogger and a steamy affair? A blogger and sex in general? Stop talking crazy. Though promising proof, Folks has only released some eyebrow-raising text messages and some suspicious phone records, but no smoking guns. Now, though, with Haley in a somewhat close race and the election less than three weeks away, Folks is dropping the bombshell: more unsubstantiated claims.

In response to a three-week-old group called Conservatives for Truth in Politics, Folks has released more details about his alleged relationship with Haley. Giving his claims a bit more weight, though, is that he did it in a sworn affidavit this time (PDF). Here is a paragraph detailing their first sexual encounter, taking place in various romantic downtown Columbia parking lots:


Another interesting wrinkle: Folks mentions in the document that Haley may have confided in South Carolina Department of Insurance director Eleanor Kitzman about the relationship. The Haley campaign continues to deny all allegations, obviously. And Folks continues to promise more details in the future: “By no means does it represent the extent of what I know, what I have documented or what will ultimately be released,” he says in a statement. Ultimately? How about now? Or five months ago? But we’ll settle for now. This is the longest hand job South Carolina has ever had.

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