Bronx Zoo Waits Entirely Too Long to Unveil Baby Tiger Triplets


Did you know that, back in March, tigers at the Bronx Zoo birthed not one, but two sets of triplets? It was an exceptionally rare occurrence — only a few dozen tigers have ever been born in captivity. And to have two sets of triplets! The mothers, one Siberian tiger and one Malay tiger, should be very proud. Except they haven’t been able to show off their babies because the zoo has kept them in hiding for six months. Think about that. There have been six adorable tiger kittens living in our very city, for half of an entire year, and we have not been allowed to play with them, snuggle their little adorable deadly faces, or even just take pictures of them with our children’s heads in their mouths. They’ll finally be unveiled this weekend. CBS News got a sneak peek, and guess what? They’re just normal tigers now. Hardly adorable at all! Where is the logic in this? Is there a number on the 311 line designated for complaints about this issue? Because there will be after this weekend.