The Best and Worst of the 2010 Campaign Ads

Courtesy of Youtube

The Internet has changed politics forever in many ways, but in this election season, its most noticeable effect has been a new generation of campaign ads. More so than ever before, candidates didn’t need a ton of money to get noticed, they just needed a great ad that would be passed around the web like so many cat photos. Or barring a “great” ad, one that was unintentionally hilarious or outright insane would suffice, because if the Internet loves anything, it’s laughing at people who aren’t even trying to be funny. But whether an ad was actually creative and ingenious, or just weird and ridiculous, the Internet took notice and provided a platform far beyond what any local TV market could have. So thank you, Internet, for allowing us to hand out these almost-the-end-of-the-campaign-season awards to the best and worst ads you brought to our attention this year. From the “Most Inappropriate Comparison” to the “Best Use of a Human Liver,” these 38 campaign ads stood out from the rest.