Carl Paladino Definitely Didn’t Apologize


The wait is over. Carl Paladino’s mysterious, three-minute TV appearance has aired, and a “fresh start” it was not. In the spot, Paladino, speaking directly into the camera, explains why he got so upset with the Post’s Fred Dicker last week: The media had been badgering him with questions about his affair (the one he admitted to having), but failed to ask any questions about Andrew Cuomo’s affairs (the ones for which there is zero evidence). “Does the media ask Andrew such questions?” Paladino says. “Andrew’s prowess is legendary.” Immediately after saying this — which, by the way, has to be one of the most memorable lines of the 2010 election season — Paladino then insists that the “campaign must be about bigger issues, not affairs or divorces.” He rattles off the main planks of his platform, then asks Cuomo why he wants to exclude the only female and black candidates for governor from their debate — which, in fact, is not true. Cut to Paladino’s campaign chairwoman, who asks viewers for “emergency contributions.” And that’s it.

Andrew’s Prowess Is Legendary’ (Updated) [State of Politics/Capitol Tonight]