Carl Paladino Is Back to the Whole ‘Cuomo Had an Affair’ Thing


Earlier this week, Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino alleged that Democratic rival Andrew Cuomo had one or more affairs while he was married. Paladino said at various times that he had proof that he would share “at the appropriate time” and that there were “three or four” women. Then yesterday Paladino came out and said he wasn’t accusing Cuomo of anything, it was just a rhetorical question. Now, today, Paladino went on Fox News and told Megyn Kelly that there was an affair and that they do have proof after all. “We will at the appropriate time, okay, say whatever we have in our box, at the appropriate time, yes,” he said. “What I believe and what is factual out there, we will, at the appropriate time, put out, yes.”

You know what seems like an appropriate time? Now. Because when you’ve out-and-out lied at least once on a topic and then continue to talk endlessly about it, pretty much the only way to save yourself is to toss a hardball at the other guy. And fast!

Here We Go Again: Carl Paladino Now Says Andrew Cuomo DID Cheat [NYDN]