Carl Paladino Transmits His Thoughts via Hug


According to Carl Paladino's campaign manager, Michael Caputo, "The vast majority of people in Buffalo know what it’s like to be hugged by Carl." That seems a tad exaggerated, but it's evident, as the Times notes today, that the man likes hugs — and big bear hugs, at that. But why? It's not because he craves intimacy — he is simply using it as a means of advanced communication, as in Star Trek or Avatar.

Mr. Paladino and his campaign advisers jokingly refer to his hug as “the mind meld,” a kind of secret weapon, as if, when his ideas are garbled in verbal transmission, they can be passed on through physical contact.

So, when this happens, is the person being hugged sharing a single mind or consciousness with Paladino? Because we're not sure that's entirely safe.

In Campaign for Governor, Paladino Pairs Fierce Talk With Spine-Cracking Hugs [NYT]