Christine O’Donnell Was a Twentysomething When She Denied Evolution, So It’s Fine


Time was, a politician said he smoked some pot in his twenties, maybe even tried “a little blow,” and that was the end of the story. But these days, candidates are using youth as an excuse for everything from fellating a red dildo worn as a nose by their ex-husbands in a reindeer costume to, now, dating witches. On CNN last night, Delaware’s GOP candidate for senator Christine O’Donnell became the latest political hopeful to blame her politically harmful behavior on her twenties. “I’m not embarrassed, and I’m not saying that I’m proud,” she said, of once publicly loathing masturbation and claiming evil scientists are creating mouse-human hybrids. “They’re painting a picture of who I was twenty years ago. I’ve matured. Today, you have a fortysomething woman running for office. Not a twenty-year-old. That’s a big difference. Back then, a lot of what I said — I had a newfound faith.” Well, at this rate, you can use your twenties as an excuse for anything.

O’Donnell on the Maher tapes [Political Ticker/CNN]