Christine O’Donnell Is ‘Currently Taking Applications for a Husband’


Christine O'Donnell, "Tea Party cause célèbre," is not only seeking the Delaware Senate seat, but also a man in her life, telling the Times she's "currently taking applications for a husband." But let's say Delaware is a man! Perhaps he'd like to know more about O'Donnell's political beliefs and her background, and less about a few strange visits to Bill Maher's show in the nineties. The Times discovered a few important things about her. For one, she was never a full-fledged slut:

She grew up in a tightknit Roman Catholic family in Moorestown, N.J., and describes her early political philosophy as “liberal” and “I am woman, hear me roar.” She planned to become an actress and had a series of romantic relationships. “I by no means was a slut,” she said. “But by no means did I have the moral code I have now.”

Despite her belief that homosexuals are afflicted with an “identity disorder,” she is close with her lesbian sister.

Ms. O’Donnell was joined Thursday by her oldest sister, Jennie, a lesbian who seems unbothered by Christine’s past statements about homosexuals. “Blood is thicker than politics,” explained Jennie, a self-described expert in the “healing arts.”

As for her political ideas?

She has said little about how she would operate in the Senate. When asked whom in the Senate she most admires ... she mentioned Hillary Rodham Clinton, the secretary of state, who left the Senate almost two years ago.

Not marrying her? The writer of this Times profile, who seems to believe O'Donnell is basically still an aspiring actress. But do we have any takers out there?

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