Christine O’Donnell Thinks She Has Access to Classified Chinese War Plans


During a Senate primary debate in 2006, Christine O’Donnell claimed that China had a “carefully thought-out and strategic plan to take over America,” and she chided an opponent for, laughably, wanting to be economic partners with the burgeoning Asian superpower. Of course, China’s secret plan was not something O’Donnell could really talk about, and it weighed on her. “There’s much I want to say,” she said. “I wish I wasn’t privy to some of the classified information that I am privy to.” Perhaps this unexplained access to classified documents explains her widely mocked warnings about the mouse people? Oh, God — are the mouse people involved in the Chinese plot? We should have listened to you when we had the chance, Christine. We should have listened.

O’Donnell said China plotting to take over US [AP via Google]