Contrary to Popular Opinion, Being Rich Is Not a Bed of Roses


Everyone thinks is it is so great being wealthy. That it must be so nice to go through life without ever having to work at a job that you don't like and getting to buy basically whatever you want without palpable anxiety. But the rich have problems, too, you know. They have worries. They have fears. No, not about love and illness — the difficulties of those things can still generally be greatly eased by gobs of money, though it is tricky— they have a far more serious fear. One that keeps them up at night. That torments them in their every waking moment and even as they sleep. The fear of not being rich anymore:

“To be rich now means to live with anxiety,” says Keith Whitaker, an adviser with the private-wealth firm Wise Counsel Research. “Will you remain wealthy? Will the market or the federal government strip you of your assets?”

And you thought you had problems.

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