Curious Foot Ailment Taught Powerful Financier Everything He Needed to Know About Macroeconomics


Pete said that he did not need to look at my foot because my foot was not the problem— a response that suggested I was dealing with a quack. But I was patient and continued to listen. He proceeded to explain that the pain in my left foot was the consequence of a structural, postural deficiency in my hip alignment. My right hip was rotated in such a fashion as to make the left side of my body do all the work and bear all the weight, culminating in the inflammation of my left foot. ‘The pain you feel in your left foot is just the symptom,’ Pete said. ‘If you treat it symptomatically and ignore the structural issue, you will never solve the problem.’ I did not immediately grasp the full meaning of his words, but I followed his prescription, and in a few days the pain was gone. Some time later I realized that those words were probably the wisest I have ever heard from any human being, and that they apply to more than just the human body.” —Legendary hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones explains to investors how our global economic malaise is really just like his case of plantar fasciitis. (Unemployment is the foot.) [Dealbreaker]