David Paterson Has Trouble Humming Music When He’s Hearing Music


David Paterson is starting to get contemplative as he reaches the end of his term as governor. Speaking to reporters at the Korean American Parade over the weekend, he said that he hopes to make amends once he’s out of office. “I’d like to go back and advocate for some of the areas that I wasn’t able to service well because of the economic crisis as governor,” he said, explaining he hopes to give back to constituencies like HIV patients, the disabled, and schoolchildren, who saw their funding take cuts during his term. Paterson then employed a curious metaphor to express what he sees as the difficulty of trying to think about life after office: “It’s really hard to think of what you want to do when you are still working. It’s like trying to hum music when you are hearing music.”

After leaving office, Gov. Paterson hopes to aid folks he was forced to squeeze [NYDN]