Dead Dog Returns to Life


Has anyone else ever had a dream where they are at home, maybe back at their parents’ house, and are surprised to see a pet running around that has actually been dead for years? Intel Chris has this dream every few months, regarding his long-lost beagle mix, Ribsy. What’s weird is that in the dream, you know the dog/cat/anteater has died, but yet there they are! Well, that scenario happened in real life the other day. Detroit resident Matt Olivarez put his ten-year-old family dog, Mia, to sleep at the vet’s office after spinal problems left her in pain and unable to walk. Mia received two shots and was declared deceased. Olivarez, who wanted to give her a burial, wrapped the dog in a blanket and took her home. The next day, he woke up and Mia was sitting by her food bowl, alive and awake, waiting to be fed.

If you don’t think about the many potentially troubling aspects of this story too hard, it sounds like a happy miracle. And, because it’s Friday, we’ll leave it at that.

Euthanized Dog Comes Back To Life [HuffPo]