Dem Donor Sends List of Cheapskate Incumbents to 9,000 Party Activists


This is not a fun year for Democratic donors. They have to deal with the complaints of angry banker friends who are annoyed with Obama; watch their best candidates get outspent by the political spawn of Sarah Palin; and finally, they have to deal with the senators and congressmen in their party who have warchests of $10 million but refuse to spend it on their cash-poor colleagues.

So it was only natural that someone decided to declare war on the hoarders.

On Tuesday night, Erica Payne, a founding member of the wealthy donor organization Democracy Alliance (and the leader of the “F*ck Tea” campaign), decided that she couldn’t raise 100 million dollars without making a few enemies, and sent an e-mail to 5,000 Democratic donors and 4,000 other activists. It included a list of 30 congressman and seventeen senators who weren’t in close races and had serious money to burn.

She wrote: “I can’t tell you the number of calls fundraisers get every day, every day, asking for $2,400, $2,400, and $2,400, and here are all these guys and gals sitting on piles of cash. Write a check!”

So far, no incumbent has been shamed into handing over their millions, but Payne told Politico that she did get some responses.

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