Diane Passage on Moving On: ‘Billionaire Is the New Millionaire’


Remember when, on Will & Grace, the buxom Karen stayed loyal to her imprisoned megarich fraudster husband Stan? (No? If it happened on Friends, you’d remember.) Well, anyway, Diane Passage, the pole-dancing wife of imprisoned Ponzi schemer Kenneth Starr, is not doing that. “He plays 20 questions with me from, ‘What’s your favorite color?’ to, ‘How many men have you hooked up with?’” Passage told “Page Six” over dinner this week. “I always tell him, none of your business … But if I did hook up with another guy I think it would be OK — he owes me, he’s in jail.” How serious is she about letting everyone know she’s on the lookout for a new man? Serious enough to specify her requirements: “Billionaire is the new millionaire!” Also, serious enough to have dinner with “Page Six.”

Ken Starr’s wife not waiting for jailed hubby [Page Six/NYP]