Did Sean Parker Threaten a Bouncer With Facebook Oblivion?


It wasn’t Mark Zuckerberg who should have been anxious about the release of The Social Network; it was Sean Parker. Napster’s co-founder, played by Justin Timberlake, is the movie’s real villain, and the only character whose questionable actions aren’t examined from more than one perspective. So it’s unsurprising that Parker’s antics are once again in the gossip pages. Witnesses disagree about what happened outside Provocateur in the Meatpacking district Saturday night when two of Parker’s lady-friends couldn’t get past the door. According to the Post, Parker’s camp says Provocateur co-owner Michael Satsky called the two young women “elves and midgets.” An onlooker tells the paper that Parker then yelled at doorkeeper Sheena Tesora, “This is profiling! I know you guys have a height requirement for women, and the reason these girls can’t come in is because these girls are too short.” The source says Tesora replied, “We have a reservation policy, and secondly, you are the one who said the girls were short, not me.”

After that exchange, the same source says Parker calmed down and replied with a straight face, “You know how we get our revenge — we erase people from Facebook. That’s what we’re going to do to [Tesora].” If it were true, it fits the old adage: Revenge is a dish best served with the tools at one’s disposal.

Losing ‘Face’ at trendy club [Page Six/NYP]