Even Criminal’s Own Mom Is a Fan of Salon-Defending Folk-Hero Cop


After suffering through the hollow aftertaste of manufactured folk heroes like Steve Slater, New York finally has a real one in the form of Feris Jones. She has all the requisite trappings for a public ennobling. Witness the humble, everyman beginnings: Jones, a Caribbean-born twenty-year veteran of the force, worked out of a crime lab in Queens and had never fired her service revolver. The extraordinary circumstances: An armed bandit bursts into a beauty salon in Clinton Hill Saturday night in the middle of this weekend’s crime wave. The heroic deed: Jones, who was there getting her hair done, fires a shot blasting the gun out of the thief’s hand, then fires another at the handle of the front door, temporarily trapping the criminal inside. The adorable nickname: Neighbors call her “Jonesy” and say they always feel safe when she is around. Powerless to the narrative thrust, the NYPD is promoting Jones to detective today. Even the 19-year-old suspect’s mom is a fan, telling the Post, “What a great police officer — she did what she was trained to do.”

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