Every Person in Alaska Now a Senate Write-in Candidate


After the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that poll workers can give voters a list of the names of write-in candidates (such as incumbent GOP senator Lisa Murkowski), Dan Fagan, a local radio host who’s backing Republican Senate nominee Joe Miller, told his listeners to go register as write-in candidates to dilute the list and confuse voters. “Rush on over there before five o’clock and register as a write-in candidate,” he said. “Especially if your last name is Murkowski. That would really help the cause.”

According to the Division of Elections, “at least 100 people” registered at Fagan’s behest yesterday, meaning that nearly everyone in the state of Alaska is now running for Senate. Though the website Conservatives4Palin.com is calling this “Operation Alaskan Chaos,” it seems like this would be a minor hindrance at best. Presumably, most people who intend to vote for Murkowski already know her name, and if someone needs to consult the list to remind themselves, they can still do that; it’ll just take an extra minute or two. Unless there’s someone on the list named, say, “Leslie Murkowski.” That would be messed up.

Senate write-in candidates flood Division of Elections [ADN]