Facebook: Now More Like High School, Spammier


It might not always seem like it, but Mark Zuckerberg knows what you want. For example, first you wanted to find all the people you knew online and then look at pictures of them in the privacy of your own home. Voilà, Facebook. Then you wanted to find people of whom you may have lost track — say they changed their phone number, or moved away, or had one of those hyphenated last names and then married someone else with a hyphenated last name and then who knows what they would go by. Um, have you heard of Facebook? They are probably on there. Now you want to know how to exclude the people you don’t like and only talk to the people you think are cool. Zuckerberg has a solution for that, too. In a blog post yesterday entitled “Giving You More Control,” he wrote that users complained about the same thing: a desire to share something on their network without having their boss or their grandparent find it. Enter Groups, a service that lets you organize your “friends” into cliques. Sorry, nerds. “It’s a simple way to stay up to date with small groups of your friends and to share things with only them in a private space. The default setting is Closed, which means only members see what’s going on in a group.” Sounds useful, right?

The service has been out less than 24 hours and folks are already complaining. The problem is that while only members can see what’s going on in a group, any of your “friends” can add you to a group without your permission and it’s set to automatically e-mail everyone in the group about a new posting. So it’s sort of like high school, except you’re automatically opted in to join any club that would have you as a member. Sorry, Groucho.

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