Finally, a Halloween Costume for Teen Plushies


Halloween costumes have traditionally provided an opportunity for teenage girls to slut things up. But Sexy Nurse and Sexy Witch outfits are so vanilla. What about the kids whose raging hormones are leading them in an alternative direction? Thankfully, a company called Jakks Pacific’s Disguise has come through.

"Their Sesame Street costumes, for example, use a feathery fabric that mimics the fuzziness of the puppets in the classic children's TV show. There are also other details in the costume that reinforce the image. For example, the Big Bird outfit includes thigh-high hose that resemble the character's legs, and a headband with Big Bird's face. But the length of the skirt, and the bows on the stockings, all convey a flirty feeling."

And they say no one wears scary outfits on Halloween anymore.

The Trendiest Halloween Costumes of 2010 [CNBC]