Florida Gubernatorial Candidate’s Secret Debate Help Fail


Down in Florida, the real race to watch right now isn’t the three-way Senate battle, which Republican Marco Rubio should win easily, but the gubernatorial race between Democrat Alex Sink, a former Bank of America executive and Florida’s current CFO, and Republican Rick Scott, a former health-care executive with a net worth of over $200 million. With the race essentially tied, any unforced errors can be significant, and Sink made a big one last night. At a commercial break during their CNN debate, a makeup artist showed Sink a message on a Droid from an adviser: “The attorney who [w]on the Sykes suit said alex sink did nothing wrong. Tell not to let him keep talking about her.” This was a problem, since the debate rules on which Sink and Scott had agreed prohibited any notes. And Scott was literally sitting right next to and watching Sink when it happened, making it the most conspicuous secret debate help since George W. Bush hid a radio in his suit jacket.

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