For the Second Year in a Row, the C Train Is Ranked the City’s Worst


In news that will come as little surprise to those that depend on it, the Straphangers Campaign has given the C line the lowest rating on its annual survey. Each line gets a “MetroCard Rating,” which ranks the trains by dollar value based on cleanliness, reliability, crowding, delays, breakdowns, and indecipherable announcements made too late for riders to adjust their courses. The C line earned a 55 cent rating, a considerable drop from the next highest, the R train. The dubious honor might have been bestowed by default, as the G train isn’t included in the ratings since it doesn’t enter Manhattan. The G tied with the N for regularity of service (both were ranked eighth), but was worst in the city on breakdowns. The 7 train came out on top, also for the second year in a row, with a $1.60 rating. If anyone with power over the Clinton-Washington C station is reading this, we would also like to report multiple midday sightings of a well-fed rat running back and forth through the subway turnstiles. We did not see him swipe.

C Train Ranked Worst in the City, Again [Loca/NYT]