Real-Life Geeks and the Hollywood Stars Who Play Them

Photo: Columbia Tristar, Cyrus Moghtader/Splash News

The types of people busy inventing the lightbulb, the personal computer, or the Facebook are probably too consumed with bringing their vision to life to daydream about which Hollywood hunk would play them in the movies. Luckily, once Mark Zuckerberg captured the public’s imagination, David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin were all too eager to reframe sleepless nights spent coding as drug-fueled parties and assemble a cast of pretty young things to act out the litigious saga of Facebook’s founders and fremenies. But Zuckerberg & Co. are hardly the only tech geeks, inventors, or entrepreneurs to get the celluloid treatment. Check out these photos of the real-world nerds (including the guys from The Social Network) and their silver screen doppelgängers. Who did we miss?