Colorado Democrats Keep Confusing Republicans With Their Tricky Names


Two weeks ago, a pro-life group called Americans United for Life released a one-minute radio ad in Colorado that referred to Congressman Ken Salazar five times. It would have been a lot more effective had it actually used the name John Salazar, since he’s the Salazar that serves as a congressman in Colorado’s 3rd district, while Ken, his brother, is the secretary of the Interior. It would probably have been smart to have someone look over the ad first, but hey, mistakes happen.

But now Cory Gardner, a Republican state representative in Colorado running against Democratic congresswoman Betsy Markey, has made the same type of mistake, but worse. Gardner recently released an ad criticizing Markey for “voting for the most fiscally irresponsible budget in history.” But Betsy Markey was actually one of the only Democrats to vote against President Obama’s budget. Instead, Gardner’s campaign had highlighted the vote of Congressman Ed Markey. He lives in Massachusetts, and is not Betsy Markey.

Having the same last name as other people — Colorado Democrats’ secret weapon.

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