Hiding Under Covers Apparently Not Such a Silly Way to Foil Burglars After All


Well, this is a relief: For Katherine Garcia, 23, her natural instinct to burrow under the covers and stay the hell put after hearing a burglar in her apartment has paid off. It was about 5:15 a.m. in Bushwick when Carlos Lopez and Derney Garcia (no relation) pried open the front door of her apartment. “I moved the covers a little bit to peek out, and I see [one of the burglars] holding my iPad in one hand and a knife in the other,” Katherine told the Post. Ducking under her duvet, she called the cops, who arrived quickly. As Lopez panicked and attempted to flee with two garbage bags filled with her stuff, Katherine burst out from under the covers and grabbed him herself. This, clearly, was a victory for scared apartment dwellers all over the city. Also, for makers of extraordinarily thick comforters.

Gal foils burglars from bed [NYP]