How Did Obama Go to Pakistan in 1981? On a Plane


Some people, when faced with two conflicting sets of facts, one of which is sourced to a chain e-mail and the other sourced to, say, the State Department, will place their trust in the chain e-mail. This is because the chain e-mail confirms the facts they wish were true. Case in point: The myth that President Obama’s trip to Pakistan in 1981 proves that he must have been an Indonesian citizen because American citizens were banned from traveling to Pakistan at the time. But Americans weren’t banned from traveling to Pakistan in 1981. End of conspiracy, right? Nope. It was repeated last week by none other than Steve Pearce, a former Republican congressman from New Mexico trying to recapture his old seat this year.

Congressional Candidate Steve Pearce To Birther: ‘Those Questions Need To Be Asked’ (VIDEO) [HuffPo]