Huffington Post Investigative Fund Merges With Center for Public Integrity


When we spoke to Arianna Huffington earlier this summer, she expressed regret that her nonprofit, open-source Huffington Post Investigative Fund was not having much luck getting its work picked up by media outlets other than, well, the Huffington Post. This may have proven more than disappointing in the end — Huffington announced today that the Fund was going to separate itself further from the website by joining forces with the Center for Public Integrity. Ryan Tate at Gawker notes that, because the Fund seemed only to supply the for-profit HuffPo with stories, it was having trouble earning tax-exempt status for itself. This separation could help with that — though it looks like the Fund will still have most of its stories published on HuffPo as a matter of course. “It exceeds all our expectations that we are so quickly able to scale up our small investigative fund by merging with a powerhouse like the Center,” Huffington said. “Too often, important stories are only covered after things go bad, as happened with the war in Iraq and the economic crisis. We need more stories uncovered before disaster strikes.” The merger was heralded with a grant of $250,000 from the Knight Foundation.

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